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These are some web projects I've worked on or am currently working.



It's a Django site to keep track of my Transformers figure collection. It allows you to keep inventory of figures, accessories and related collectibles.

Additionally, it allows me to create photo galleries and reviews, keep track of my buying expenses and pre-ordered figures.

Has social login so anybody can signup to keep their own inventory and provides you with a public profile to showcase your collection status (if desired or keep it private).


  2. Github

Grumble is a Micropub client. It's a fully static website so it only needs static file hosting to be installed. It uses VueJS and the Fetch API to handle IndieAuth authentication/discovery and Micropub posting.

It handles different post types and full support for the Micropub's Media endpoint. Has offline support ,allows to edit posts and can be "installed" as a phone app.


  1. Github

It's my homegrown solution to manage my photos. It is a web interface to manage all my camera's photos. It stores originals and generated thumbnails in S3 buckets and also uploads photos to Flickr and Google photos.

It consist on a Web app for browsing archived photos, a command line client to upload local directories of pictures and a queue daemon to manage uploads and thumbnail generation.


Divebar is my Indieweb service writen in Pyramid where I handle endpoints for Micropub, Webmention, Media uploads and Tokens.

The Micropub posting uses Pelican to generate a static website that gets served on my web stream.

Other projects

I have a few more things scattered around the web that I haven't worked actively or aren't public, for clients and such. I'll be happy to explain and show whatever is left of them :).

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